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2019  10 16   曜日

Bored is key to new.

2019  9 22   曜日


Ireland, south city Cork.

When I looked at the sea like a river, it looked like the Seto Inland Sea, but the church bell rang and I woke up.

Native people who are at their own pace or better than me.

A town where there are not too many people and develops leisurely.

Delicious town.A friendly town.A fun artists.Where I want to be.

So I will be working in Ireland next year.

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2019  9 23   曜日

In  Deutschland

Tick shock ! ! !

2019   9  21   曜日

I had taken workshop by Adam Benjamin in Exeter.

Express by playing. Everyday practice it.

Practice choosing own location.

Practice receive and response.

Practice resting in activity.

Practice finding tension.

Practice English.

The same people gather in the same place every day.

It is the practice world.

Leaving from there.danger and maliciousness are common.

It is a real.

In there, I keep playing with them. 

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2019  6 30   曜日

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2019  5  20   曜日

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2019  4   24   曜日

葉山芸術祭2019 tentlineにてインスタレーションとDo i bookの手製本販売をします。

場所 〒240-0113 神奈川県三浦郡葉山町長柄792

​日時 5月1日〜5日 15時〜19時

2019  4   22   曜日



2019   1   14  曜日  

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